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Since 1969 the philosophy of Suscon Stacks has been simple: to provide the highest quality products and design services to each and every customer.

Suscon Stacks, as manufactured by Susquehanna Concrete Products, Inc., began manufacturing stacks for the Grumman Ecosystems Corporation. Beginning in 1975, Susquehanna Concrete Products has manufactured these stacks under its own name, Suscon Stacks, which is registered and listed by the Underwriters laboratories for a Medium Heat Appliance.

Susquehanna Concrete Products, Inc. is a private corporation and is a family owned and operated business. This is evident in the personal service that is offered to every client. Suscon Stacks performance, longevity, and ease of installation, make them the industry favorite. They represent the concentrated end product of all the information, design expertise, and operating experience of professional engineers.

For over 27 years, Susquehanna Concrete Products, Inc. has been servicing the needs of the combustion equipment customers throughout the world. With a national distribution network and their staff of professional, reliable, and highly trained personnel, they will be happy to assist you in your combustion equipment project. When you are looking for the finest in quality products and service, call Susquehanna Concrete Products, Inc.